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E-Commerce Landscape Between India & China

Release Date: Aug 15, 2017

Although it looks like an already well-defined segment, with a great deal of news continuously releasing, the undercurrent of strategic innovation from companies movement will never stop.

  • In China, the whole segment is trying to shift their eyes from online to offline to occupy whatever they think make sense in the name of “New Retail”. Like driverless cars, Alibaba unveiled a staff-less/cashier-free offline cafe called “Tao Cafe” (淘咖啡) to “INSPIRE THE INDUSTRY ONLY”.
  • In India, M&A (mergers and acquisitions) are the current keywords. Not only local Indian players, big Internet giants from both US and China seem to never give up to participate in the market somehow.

When we look at the current e-commerce landscape between India and China, we find more similarities than differences. The following chart gives you a clear visual of the peer-leading companies in each specific segment.

Chinese Peers Brief Information

Company Logo Company Name Category(ies) Financial Status* One Sentence Description
Taobao Full-stack, C2C NYSE: BABA AlibabaÍs subsidiary, one of ChinaÍs biggest online full-stack marketplaces with 189 million mobile DAUs(Daily Active Users), and 468 million mobile MAUs(Monthly Active Users) as of May 31, 2017.
TMall Full-stack, B2C NYSE: BABA AlibabaÍs subsidiary, a B2C website launched for a different listings of either brand owners or authorized distributors, apart from TaobaoÍs C2C merchants. Full-stack, B2C NASDAQ: JD is a Chinese leading e-commerce company with 236.5 million active customer accounts as of Mar 2017.
Amazon Full-stack, B2C NASDAQ: AMZN Global e-commerce giant in China.
Suning Full-stack, B2C SZSE: 002024 Transformed from a pure offline appliance chain store, now ranks among top three Chinese B2C companies.
YHD Full-stack, B2C Meaning of “#1 shop”, Yihaodian is a Chinese online e-commerce website, and acquired by Walmart in July 2015.
Gome Full-stack, B2C SEHK: 493 Exactly similar to Suning, Gome has been transformed from a offline appliance chain store to an online e-commerce provider.
Dangdang Full-stack, B2C NYSE: DANG Established in 1999, originally was the top online book store in China, now provides full-stack categories.
Yanxuan Full-stack, ODM NASDAQ: NTES Meaning of “Strictly Selected”, Yanxuan is a newly emerging “New Retail[1]” and one of the most famous ODM(Original Design Manufacturer) model e-commerce representative in China. Yanxuan is a subsidiary of NetEase. Fashion, Discount / Clearance NYSE: VIPS VIPSHOP( is a website dedicated to special sale offers. The focus of VIPSHOP is genuine brands, while offering deep discounts and limited time based sales.
Mogujie Fashion, Women, D Round: 200 million USD, Nov 21, 2015 Mogujie is a female fashion media and e-commerce platform, dedicated targeting young women between 18-23 years old.
Juanpi Fashion, Discount / Clearance C Round: 600 million RMB, Apr 13, 2016 China’s leading sales offer e-commerce platform.
Shangpin Fashion, Luxury C Round: 50 million USD, July 1, 2011 China’s leading fashion and luxury e-commerce, established strong global fashion supply chain.
SECOO Fashion, Luxury E Round: 50 million USD, July 8, 2015 SECOO, a global elite retail & service platform, is committed to provide a one-stop-life-solution for high-end consumers via 6 core business units, SECOO E-mall, SECOO Big Data, SECOO Media, SECOO Auction, SECOO Finance and SECOO Supply Chain.
Tootoo Fresh Food N.A One of the biggest organic fresh food e-commerce in China, Tootoo is a subsidiary of Ninetowns Internet Technology Group Company Limited.
MissFresh Fresh Food C Round: 100 million USD, Jan 20, 2017 China’s leading fresh food e-commerce.
FruitDay Fresh Food D+ Round: 100 million RMB, Aug 8, 2016; D Round: 100 million USD, Mar 29, 2016 Starting from fruit, FruitDay already expanded to fresh food such as sea food, vegetable, etc.
Yiguo Fresh Food C+ Round: 500 million USD, Nov 9, 2016 Leading fresh food e-commerce.
HemaFresh Fresh Food N.A Alibaba’s online-offline fresh food e-commerce. Fresh Food C Round: 117 million USD, May 24, 2016 Well-known fresh food e-commerce in China.
Bee Quick Fresh Food 70% of shares acquired by on Feb 9, 2017 Mobile only e-commerce, provide within 1 hour delivery.
Mia Baby / Parenting, Discount / Clearance, Cross-border E Round: Undisclosed Amount, Oct 28, 2016; D Round: 150 million USD, Sept 8, 2015 Famous Chinese clarence e-commerce dedicated in imported baby/parenting goods.
m6go Baby / Parenting, Cross-border B Round: 50 million USD, May 8, 2015 Cross-border baby/parenting e-commerce from China, also invested in.
Xiaomi Electronics E Round: Undisclosed Amount, Apr 27, 2015; E Round: 1.1 billion USD, Dec 29, 2014 One of the largest electronics e-commerce provider in China. Besides Mi phones and their own products like Mi TV, Xiaomi also sell dozens of different electronics and home appliances made by its ecosystem partners.
aihuishou 2nd Hand, Electronics, C2B D Round: 400 million RMB, Dec 21, 2016 Meaning of “Love Recycling”, aihuishou is a bidding-based C2B platform for recycling, selling second-hand, renting, fixing electronic items such as mobile phones towards individuals as well as organizations.
Jumei Beauty, Discount / Clearance NYSE: JMEI China’s No.1 online retailer of beauty products, especially for makeup and skincare brands.
Ymatou Cross-border, Discount / Clearance B Round: 100 million USD, Jan 26, 2015 Ymatou was founded in 2009, it is a cross-border e-commerce platform for C2C and B2C products.
Xianyu 2nd Hand N.A Meaning of “Free Fish”, xianyu is Alibaba’s flea marketplace.
Zhuanzhuan 2nd Hand Round A: 200 million USD from Tencent after split, Apr 18, 2017 An online flea market, previously owned by 58Ganji, recently was splitted as an independent entity.
Guazi 2nd Hand, Car Round B: 400 million USD after split, June 15, 2017 An online car flea market, previously owned by, recently was splitted as an independent entity. 2nd Hand, Car D Round: 500 million USD, Jan 16, 2017 China’s famous car flea market.
Renrenche 2nd Hand, Car D Round: 150 million USD, Sept 5, 2016 China’s famous car flea market. 2nd Hand, Construction Machinery C Round: 200 million RMB, Apr 20, 2016 2nd hand e-commerce platform focus on construction machineries. B2B NYSE: BABA, the primary company of Alibaba, is the world's largest online business-to-business trading platform for small businesses. B2B F Round: Pre-IPO, Undisclosed Amount, July 4, 2017 Steel B2B e-commerce. B2B B Round: 36 million USD, July 28, 2015 Plastic B2B e-commerce. B2B A Round: 10 million USD, Aug 1, 2015 Coal B2B e-commerce. B2B A+ Round: 8 million USD, Apr 5, 2017; A+ Round: 10 million USD, Dec 30, 2016 Petroleum B2B e-commerce. B2B Angel Round: Undisclosed Amount, May 01, 2016 Yarn B2B e-commerce.
Yimutian B2B, Agriculture C Round: Dozens of millions of USD, Nov 1, 2016 China’s agricultural B2B deal matchmaking e-commerce platform. B2B B Round: 1.3 billion RMB, Sept 4, 2016 B2B wholesale e-commerce platform focus on residence or commerce communities’ small supermarkets.
Easy Print B2B C Round: 350 million RMB, Jun 29, 2016 One stop online printing e-commerce. B2B D Round: Undisclosed Amount, Sept 12, 2014 is a business-to-business e-commerce website that facilitates the sale of manufactured products from small and medium enterprises to buyers.
Huitongda Rural B Round: 300 million RMB, Jun 28, 2016 Mainly focus on home appliance e-commerce and supply chain for rural area.
meicai B2B D Round: 200 million USD, Jun 4, 2016 Meicai is a mobile e-vendor of agricultural products, which serves tens of thousands of small and medium-sized restaurants in China.
Makepolo B2B, Procurement B Round: 22.5 million USD, Sept 1, 2014 Makepolo operates a Chinese business-to-business pay-for-performance website. It provides intelligent procurement search, transaction, and financial services for small- and medium-sized enterprises.
RuralTaobao Rural N.A Alibaba’s rural e-commerce portal.
Xiaohongshu Cross-border C Round: 100 million USD, Mar 31, 2016 Meaning of “Little Red Book”, Xiaohongshu started as an overseas shopping tip app, but transformed to a cross-border e-commerce platform.
Kaola Cross-border N.A Famous cross-border e-commerce platform under NetEase.
Daling Cross-border D Round: 500 million RMB, Dec 16, 2016 Cross-border e-commerce platform.
Fengqu Cross-border N.A Cross-border e-commerce platform under SF Express.


*: As of Aug 15, 2017.

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