About the Program

Alpha Tech Accelerator, ATA, is the first India & China growth stage accelerator program based out of Beijing and New Delhi that is focused on providing critical learning and capital for accelerating startups to become the next unicorn in the Indian market.

ATA will consist of a 2- week summer session and a 2- week winter session. Every six months 15 teams will be invited out of pool of thousands of applications to join the program. Every growth stage startup is welcome to apply. Shortlisted startups will go through the final interview process with our team. Finalist will join the program.

The India portion of the accelerator program will prepare the finalists for fund raising in China. While in India, finalists will focus on business strategy, market data, and product learning from Chinese unicorns. Once the finalists arrive in China, the program will shift to include a weekly roundtable with investors/mentors as guest speakers, company visits to explore company cultures, and a pitch day in front of influential investors to conclude the program.

Alumni companies will be joining a lifelong family with support from fellow alumni and the ATA team.





Qualified Candidates

1If You Are an Indian Startup
Indian Growth-Stage Startups that have a desire to learn strategies and tactics inspired by Chinese startups to drive acceleration in the Indian market.
2If You Are a Global Startup
Global Growth-Stage Startups with a significant focus on the Indian market that have a desire to learn strategies and tactics inspired by Chinese startups to drive growth in the Indian market.
3If You Are a Pure Tech Team
Tech Startups that have demonstrated a product line that is truly innovative with growth potential.
4Fund Raising Qualification
Raised to date USD $2M or more of investment capital (subject to review).
5Product Qualification
Products that solve Indian market-related problems or provide Indian market-related services.
6Who Can Join the Program
Representatives of candidate startups must hold at least 20% of equity in the startup to be considered a founder and participate in the program.

Program Process

  • March 15th

    Application acceptance deadline.
  • March 22nd

    Shortlisted will be screened and notified.
  • March 23rd - March 30th.

    Face to face interview process in India.
  • April 2nd

    Qualified candidates to participate in the program will be announced.
  • End of April

    The first summer program.
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